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Why you should be using USPS Priority Mail


There is a reason that the Post Office is seeing massive growth in its package delivery service.    They now rival UPS and Fedex and not just in cost .  Take a look at some of the advantages you get with USPS Priority Mail:


  • No hidden charges — no fuel or residential surcharges

  • Free supplies — free boxes and envelopes delivered at no charge

  • Free package pickup — regardless of the number of packages

  • Multiple packaging options — full family of variable and Flat Rate packaging with a variety of package sizes and pricing

  • Free Insurance

  • Extremely Upgraded Tracking


Our proprietary Mail0ne 2.0 software integrates your priority shipping directly with your postage meter and allows you to audit your expenditures directly from your meter.  The following chart will give you an idea of the kind of savings you can expect by using USPS Priority Mail.


Let us show you how to implement a total shipping/mailing solution at a price that will probably surprise you.

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